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Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Good Morning, My desk today yes more Christmas, i know its scary by Nov it will all be away as i will be sick of the stuff!
I am half way through yet another Christmas card, Its using a Marieanne Creatable, that cuts and emboss at the same time,

I cant seem to turn this picture the right way round! Help anyone? But thats the die i have used and i think it looks lovely cut, If you are wondering why i am showing you my desk, Please visit the Lovely Julia, The Queen of desks. Have a lovely Wednesday


  1. There is nothing wrong with doing Christmas early. Come December when we are all panicing you ca sit back and relax. Beautiful cards

    Laura #54 x

  2. great looking Christmas cards. I have been trying to create Christmas but haven't made much progress. We will all wishing we followed suit when December gets here. Thanks for sharing. Vickie

  3. Silver and white are always a great combo - pretty cards, even if they are early!! xx

  4. Fabulous Marianne die cut - see me standing sideways for a look?! Re. turning the image - if you're using a camera like my digital one that can happen if you take a photo looking from above something on your desk. Apparently they have a weighting mechanism in them and they can get confused if you shoot from above :( Then they won't play ball and let you turn the image due to their utter confusion. It's a real pain but one trick I've learnt if I have to take a photo from above is to turn the item, or the camera, by 90 degrees at a time and take four shots. One should come out OK! Sorry not to be more help chick! Happy WOYWW, Di xx

  5. You are so organised. I couldn't get my head around making Christmas cards just yet.
    A x

  6. Help here (via my SIL). Import into picasa (who actually stores all your blog photos) and rotate there first or save in a publisher file then upload. The cards look great! Thanks for sharing your WOYWW! -Amanda

  7. That C word again! I am getting very very scared! Beautiful card and now there's another die I will 'HAVE' to get. Shame on you.
    Happy very belated WOYWW