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I Love lots of crafty things, Card making, Cross stich, I have just got a sewing machine and like trying my hand at making bags. I live in Sunny Rossendale.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Jacque's Joie de Vivre

Look at this sweet stuff Jacques giving away! Wow, for a chance to win pop over to her blog and yep she will post world wide Thanks for a chance to win such yummy goodies.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Good Morning, My desk today yes more Christmas, i know its scary by Nov it will all be away as i will be sick of the stuff!
I am half way through yet another Christmas card, Its using a Marieanne Creatable, that cuts and emboss at the same time,

I cant seem to turn this picture the right way round! Help anyone? But thats the die i have used and i think it looks lovely cut, If you are wondering why i am showing you my desk, Please visit the Lovely Julia, The Queen of desks. Have a lovely Wednesday

Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Good Morning, Boy did i miss last Wednesday not having a desk to share, work got in the way of my craft life!
My desk this week

Not really much happened, i have some Christmas stamps out, Some stash on my desk to give to a friend who has just started card making an is addicted already.
More crafting gone on in post below, a full day out of crafting bliss.
If you are wondering why i am showing you my desk, please join in at the Lovely Julias The queen of desks.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Saturdays Christmas Class

Finally i have something to share with you, I really missed not talking part last Wednesday, But work took over short staffed in fact only me! any way that's Life (Think i hear a song in that)
On Saturday i went to a class organised by the Lovely Cal, Wow what a day we had, we had never met before but 6 of us descended on her, We had an amazing day came away with some great things and loads of inspiration. Cal is a Stampin up demonstrator, seen as i love that stuff it would of been rude not to host a party, cant wait for that now, Loads of lush stuff in the catalogue!! Ouch is that my purse.

We started the day Making a Wreath, Yes i did curl every one of those, but love the effect.

We also made a lovely box filled with candles, Loving this as a gift and see many of these being made and given out this year.

Bit of a dodgy photo, sorry taken as i rushing out of the door this morning. Cal served Lunch, although i think she was feeding a small community, Yummy though.
We were given instructions and stuff to make 4 cards, i managed 1, will get the rest done and one here And yep we got to keep the stamp set too, all i can say is Thanks you to team of great Girls who made the day Fantastic.
Will be joining in tomorrow showing my desk, as i did really miss it last week. Happy Tuesday hope its a good one.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011


A Mess..... In fact a huge mess, I went to Wrexham Art Stamps show on Saturday, what a great little show. I did have a little spend, Tim Holtz ink pads £3.50, oh why not i think i needed a couple!
Lavinia Stamps where there too, I have seen her before at Harrogate show so already have some of her stuff, But she does the most amazing backgrounds with a brayer, so Sunday I dusted off my Brayer got my ink pads out and started to get messy. This is obviously something that needs loads of practice, so down it went and i got my Tim Holtz inky thing out (Not sure of the Technical name) and wow loved it!

I though I might share a bit more today of my craft room, seen as my desk is such a close picture to try and hide the mess!

You can see my Ikea rails these hold so much stash, these are just above my desk so always ready to grab, My shelves hold lots of stuff, and i have drawers below these that hold things like my Martha Stewart punches and bigger stuff.
Have a great Wednedsay, and if you are wondering why i am showing you my Mess, Pop over to the lovely Julia, and desk hop around the world.

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Something Different

Today i thought i would share with you another craft hobby i like do indulge in, I do Cross stitch i am not a wizz at this, i take my time put them down for weeks at a time so they always take me an age to do. But i do love the finished effect, So today i am sharing with you my recently finished cross stitch, its of an Elephant it needs washing and ironing oh and framing too, But am going to share anyway.
Have a great Sunday.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Good morning desk friends, We are back to work this week never mind pays for the next holiday, oh and more craft stash!!
Yes i'm in the mood for..... Christmas. I did a Christmas class couple of weeks ago and since then i have opened the christmas stash box and been messing about with that.

This is a Nitwit topper pack, love the colours all soft, will finish these off and have a nice set of cards to give.

This stamp i have had for ages, and decided it needed colouring with my beloved Promarkers i love the effect they give, did you see what Di was giving away as blog candy over at http://pixiescraftyworkshop.blogspot.com/ yes the new fine tips! and the lovely Di made every one a winner, how lucky are we, Thanks Di, cant wait to give them a try, i am a Promarker girl.
If you have no idea why i am showing you all this, Visit the Lovely Julia and have a nose around the world of craft desks.
I am new to this blogging, but could do with some help, I go to your desks have a look around, when i go to leave a comment i am being sent in a circle of signing and word verification!!! What am i doing wrong, i try to leave comments but just loose the plot with it all, can you please let me know what i am doing wrong?????

Monday, 25 July 2011

100 Follower Givaway


Michelle has a huge amount of candy up for grabs, Thanks for the chance

New Stash

Look at these yummy goodies that have been posted through my door today! I have subscribed to a magazine called Simply Homemade, and this was the subscription offer, A huge 12x12 paper pack and lots of other delish stuff, One happy girl tonight, might even have a mess with my new stash.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

More Tatton Photo's

They had some lovely poppies called ladybird, red with black spots at the base of each leaf, you can see them in the picture above, Just!! these found the way into my shopping bag, along with some grasses called cloud grass oops these in my bag too!!
This morning i have been busy weeding and planting my new plants, my garden now looks lovely again, although i was told that the weeds encourage the bee's, that in turn polinate your garden, thats my excuse!!

Friday, 22 July 2011

Tatton Park Flower Show

What a great day i had yesterday at the flower show, so i thought i would share some photo's will you, we were so lucky with the weather it was a glorious day. It was my first visit to the show i was very Lucky to be given the ticket from a friend, so 3 of us troop mached round all day, boy was i tired last night, Watch out it might be lots of photos!!

Some amazing stands.
Will share some more later on

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

woyww 111

Very Late joining in today, I did not want to miss joining in, but i do not have a desk to show you, I am off work this week so have been doing days out in the uk instead of going away, i went to Chatsworth House on Monday, wow what a great day out and even the rain didn't put off how great a day out it is. Tuesday we went to Cheshire Oaks for a bit of retail therapy and today we have been to Camp Eden in Malton.
I have just got in, taken a photo of my desk, which i must say hasn't really changed from last week, arghhh and my card reader wont work so i can download my photos, i will get a new reader and put some on hopefully tomorrow? But tomorrow i am to the flower show at Tatton Park, really looking forward to it, will post some pictures of the show, as i think it will be great. Sorry i have no desk, but as i have only just started joining in didn't want to miss a week. Join us at the Lovely Julias

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

WOYWW Week 110

Joining in again this week, Where has the week gone again! its a lovely sunny day here in Manchester lets hope it lasts over the weekend too.
I have finished my flowers and really pleased with the results, what were plain white flowers are now blossoms,

My desk is cleaner than last week, had a bit of a tidy up, i have some penny black stickers that i am going to make a set of cards with to give as a gift, hopefully!

I thought i would share a bit more of my craft room with you, i have a huge stash of A4 card, i was very lucky when a friend of mine was closing her craft shop she gave me loads of card. i also have a huge amount of of 12 x12 paper, glad to say i no longer buy 2 of every sheet (1 for using and 1 for saving!! ha ha)
Join us showing your desks, Visit the lovely Julia.
Happy Wednesday

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Whats on your workdesk Wed

Here goes for the first time i am going to show my desk off, I view desks every week and never have been brave enough to show you mine so here goes.

My desk in all its messy glory, If you have no idea what i am showing you my desk for, visit Julia The queen of desks. Thanks for looking.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Another Try

How yummy are Sugar Nellie new stamp range, think my purse is going to have another hit when they are released, can't wait.
Am a big fan of woyww think this week i am finally going to show my desk off, every week i have a nosey around the world of desks but never brave enough to add mine, watch this space.