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Saturday, 23 July 2011

More Tatton Photo's

They had some lovely poppies called ladybird, red with black spots at the base of each leaf, you can see them in the picture above, Just!! these found the way into my shopping bag, along with some grasses called cloud grass oops these in my bag too!!
This morning i have been busy weeding and planting my new plants, my garden now looks lovely again, although i was told that the weeds encourage the bee's, that in turn polinate your garden, thats my excuse!!


  1. More gorgeous piccies Tammy! Did you uproot the plants then?

    We leave things like buttercups for the bees so it's good to know someone else does :) Have a great weekend! Di x

  2. Hi Tammy! Lovely pic's of Tatton! I really wished I would have made the effort to go this year, but couldn't find time!